Past Winners

Anastasia from Check Your Head thanking the crowd for their support

November 2016 – The Inclusion Project by Check Your Head








September 2016 – The Writers’ Exchange

Sarah from The Writers’ Exchange happily accepting the winnings








May 2016Salish Sea Strength and Conditioning

Conlan from Salish Sea Movement climbing the walls he’s so happy you all voted for him.










March 2016STEM Mentoring Cafe from Open Science Network

Wes from Open Science Network ending his pitch with a bang! Old school science fair flair.

January 2016 – Mahjong Socials from the Youth Collaborative for Chinatown – 青心在唐人街

Mahjong in action at the 3rd Vancouver SOUP






November 2015 – The Binners’ Box from the Binners Project

Anna Godefroy pitching



Magpie’s Nest folks creating while listening to pitches at the first Vancouver SOUP

September 2015 – Community Art Nights from Magpie’s Nest Community Art Space